Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Playroom

We decided about a month ago to go ahead and put the boys together permanently. They're both upstairs sharing a bedroom quite happily (more on that in another post).

One major benefit was that now we had a spare room downstairs that we could convert from a nursery into a playroom/school room!

My goal with this room was a simple, clean, fresh, and fun playroom/schoolroom.

So when you walk in you can see the toys in our awesome Target cube shelves. This is my favorite toy storage solution! I'll be making new labels for each bin like I used to have when they were full of baby toys in my older son's bedroom. Most the toys stay out of sight and in each bin toys are grouped by type. So there is a bin for Legos, Pretend Play (doctor kit and pretend phones), Puppets, Cars, Action Figures, etc. On the bottom shelves are mostly wooden puzzles, on the second row, right hand side are bug-band musical instruments. On the second row, left hand side is a bead track and pop-up baby toy. On the very top is a neat wooden 3-D elephant puzzle and a wooden ball-hitter thing with its mallet. The red rocking moose is from Ikea,.

Above the toys are the face-out bookshelves recommended in Jim Trelease's The Read-Aloud Handbook. I love these, it displays the books and the kids are always wanting those books over any others on our regular bookshelf where only the spines are visible. The shelves are actually picture-frame ledges from Ikea.

This corner is boring, I know. We keep meaning to paint that dresser white but somehow it's been 3 years and still hasn't happened. Makes a great changing table though :) The painting was done by my sister as a baby gift. We use the playpen to separate the boys for naptime, one of them takes his nap in here. The quilt is the one I made for Peter, I need a better use for it in this room, any ideas?

Finally we're back by the door. Our glider-rocker that I intend to recover (again) in gray, the Melissa and Doug wooden dollhouse (not to girly), more face-out bookshelves that the kids can reach, and a collection of photos above. The big photo is the alphabet printed in all different fonts and colors, cute and much cheaper than an 8 x 11 print!

So there's our playroom/schoolroom, hope you enjoyed! I have an upcoming post with pics of our daily calendar (behind the door) and our school supply storage in the playroom's closet.

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